4 Greatest Life Lessons Learned from Star Trek

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Guest post by Natalia Kambarova Now I’ve been watching Star Trek my whole life...yep, not afraid to admit it. My favorite part of the franchise for sure is The Next Generation (TNG)- maybe because I grew up with it and it makes me nostalgic or something.  So, I’ve watched all 7 seasons at least a dozen times in my life and the other day I was watching an episode called … [MORE]

Biggest SEO Mistakes You Can Make in 2013

seo mistakes 2013

SEO is one of the most attractive ways to get traffic, leads and readers.  Google organic search visitors are highly targeted, which translated to higher conversions than sources like bookmarks, social media  and sometimes even paid traffic (people seem to trust Google organic results more). The SEO landscape, however, is getting more and more difficult to navigate.  Many … [MORE]

Frank Kern Says “stop being a pussy and make money online”…


Very interesting video by Frank Kern.  Frank has got somewhat of a toxic reputation in the online space because of the sheer amount of "make money online" products he has sold, but the man has accomplished a lot in Internet business and taught people how to do the same.     Here are some important pointers he shares about being an "online … [MORE]

SEO Link Wheel Strategies to Dominate Google


A lot of people are still unfamiliar with this idea of "link wheel".  Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income did a great job describing it in his "back-linking strategy that works"   The basic idea to understand is that the when creating backlinks to your site, you can augment or power-up your links by building links to those links... I'll explain. Increasing Your … [MORE]

Not a Millionaire Yet? Why You Should Get Into Digital Publishing…

make money with digital publishing

Don't you hate those over-hyped titles? Me too. Here is why I think that for someone dreaming of becoming a multimillionaire, the digital publishing world is the way to go. By digital publishing I don't just mean "publish books to kindle", I … [MORE]

7 Work at Home Time Management


Are you new to working from home? Getting your ass kicked?  Though so. Switching from a structured office environment to working from the comforts of your own home can seem like a dream come true.  We can finally work in our underwear, sleep … [MORE]

6 Reasons to Make Money in the Health and Fitness Niche

make money in health and fitness niche

One of the commonly asked questions about making money online is what niche to go into.  It's an important question, because choosing a profitable niche from the start could mean you getting to a large income much much faster.  With more income comes … [MORE]

Effective Time Management for Bloggers

time management bloggers

When I was starting out in this Online Business thing, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content that succesful blogs produced.  Posts after Posts after Posts of  great, quality, informative content. How can they produce so much … [MORE]

4 Traits of Super Successful People


People have a hard time describing what it takes to be a monumental success, most quote hard work and motivation and other somewhat abstract concepts. Does hard work = success? I know plenty of hardworking people who are nowhere near where they … [MORE]

How Blog Post Word Count Affect Traffic and Rankings

content length seo

Years ago the popular advice seemed to be "write 500 word posts".  That seemed the magic number to reach to be able to hit publish, but if we dig deeper, is there an optimal word length for pages? Note: a lot of the info and most of the pictures … [MORE]

How to Create a Powerful Blog Post in Under an Hour

how to write a blog post in under an hour

Writing blogposts can be a pain... When I was starting out I had posts that would take me hours to complete and I was still not 100% satisfied with them.  Much like everything else, writing engaging content consistently is a skill and skills … [MORE]

How to Drive Traffic to New Websites

how to drive traffic to new websites

One of the most frustrating things about starting a brand new websites is the fact in the beginning you will have ZERO TRAFFIC.  It takes blogs about six months to generate enough of authority to start getting consistent traffic from search engines … [MORE]

6 Ways How to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

how to monetize your blog

This is a biggie for most bloggers and website owners.  Making money from writing is probably a big dream for a lot of people, yet this is something that can be difficult to obtain.  Here are some of the most common ways to monetize a website.  The … [MORE]

Evolution of Ryan Deiss a $30 Million a Year Online Marketer

Ryan Deiss definitely has an interesting story.  He went from a kid in a dorm room in 2001 to running online businesses that bring in around 30 million dollars a year from every niche imaginable.  Some tend to call him overly  aggressive in his … [MORE]

5 Ideas to Set Your Blog Up for Massive Success

Let's take a look at some basic thing we can do to set up our blogs for massive success.  These are things that you do as your are developing your blog that will maximize your momentum and give you the best return on your time. The most important … [MORE]

Best WordPress Plugins for Smart Bloggers

With millions of plugins to choose from for your WordPress blog, it's easy to miss out on some "gems" that bloggers can't (and shouldn't) live without.  Let's look at some of the best WordPress Plugins that every blogger needs to have.  I'm going to … [MORE]

World Domination: Some Pointers by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss became a worldwide phenomenon very quickly.  Some of the "little things" that he mentions off-hand are freaking brilliant.  Let's look at some pointers that he gives at a Paris presentation about how to create global phenomenon with less … [MORE]

How to Pick a Niche

Here is the blueprint to making money online: 1.  Pick a Niche 2. ???? (this is the complicated part) 3. Profit   Let's look at what goes into picking a niche online to make money in.  First of all, let's get this out of the way: … [MORE]

Case Study: $2,000 a Month From My Diablo 3 Mini-Site

Let's look at one of my first "Affiliate Sites" That I launched in 2012.  I'll show you how much money it made, how I achieved that and lessons learned.  Here is a brief summary:   Site:  www.diablo3auctionguide.com Niche: … [MORE]

Email Marketing Tips and How to Get Started

One of the biggest "I wish I've done this earlier" moments for online marketers is generally adding a newsletter subscription form to the blog or website.  The reasoning behind this is simple: email marketing is one of the most profitable ways of … [MORE]

Best Colors for Conversions

When you are focused on convincing your clients to make the buying decision, it's important to have every single minor details up to speed.  One thing that marketers take in to account is the colors they use to convert a potential client into a … [MORE]

How to Increase YouTube Views “Into the Stratosphere”

Let's take a look at what it takes to launch your YouTube videos into the stratosphere right off the bat... Before You Upload the Video   1.  Make a list of all the possible keywords - This should include all words that your audience could … [MORE]

Great Free Course by Derek Sivers on AppSumo

  I've recently went through a free course by Derek Sivers on AppSumo, about how to have more success and take action toward your own online business.  While Derek did not intend to become a successful entrepreneur, his small online company … [MORE]

Start a Business by Teaching Online

Do you have some skill or knowledge that you want to share with the world?   Online teaching can be a very fulfilling and profitable experience and with the advances in technology today, cheap and easy to start.  By using available … [MORE]

Make Money Online: Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?   Affiliate Marketing is a way for companies to market their products to a wider audience by employing the help of bloggers, experts and internet marketers.  The owner of the product agrees to pay a … [MORE]

10 Honest Ways How to Make Money Online

Whether you're looking to replace your job or just add an extra income stream, the internet provide many flexible ways to start making money online.  Some can start bringing in money quickly while some require a considerate time … [MORE]

Best 15 Social Bookmarking Sites to Get Your Blog Noticed

You just clicked "Publish" on that epic post.  The post that will change the very fabric of the universe with it's amazing awesomeness.  You're, of course, shocked to see that the post did not become the viral sensation that it was meant to be just … [MORE]

The Marketing Part in Content Marketing

It's not enough to just write something on your blog anymore.  In order for people to find it and link to it and, heck, even read it, you need to get your content out there and available for users.   You can be an amazing writer, but without the … [MORE]